Enable Logical Replication

Crunchy Bridge comes with logical replication enabled by default. Ensure that the settings below are configured correctly. If not, adjust them accordingly.

SHOW wal_level; -- should be logical
SHOW max_wal_senders; -- should be 10
SHOW max_replication_slots; -- should be 10

Creating PeerDB User and Granting permissions

Connect to your Crunchy Bridge Postgres through the postgres user and run the below commands:

  1. Create a Postgres user exclusively for PeerDB.

    1.    CREATE USER peerdb_user PASSWORD 'some-password';
  2. Grant read-only access to the schema from which you are replicating tables to peerdb-user. Below example shows granting permissions for the public schema. If you want to grant access to multiple schemas, you can run these three commands for each schema.

    1.    GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA "public" TO peerdb_user;
         GRANT SELECT ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA "public" TO peerdb_user;
  3. Grant replication access to this user:

    1.   ALTER ROLE peerdb_user REPLICATION;
  4. Create publication that you’ll be using for creating the MIRROR (replication) in future.

    1.    CREATE PUBLICATION peerdb_publication FOR ALL TABLES;

Safe list PeerDB Cloud IPs

If you are using PeerDB Cloud please safe list PeerDB IPs (, and by adding the Firewall Rules in Crunchy Bridge.

Where to find Firewall Rules in Crunchy Bridge?

Add the 3 Firewall Rules for PeerDB Cloud

Create Crunchy Bridge Peer in PeerDB

Through the PeerDB UI, create the Crunchy Bridge Postgres Peer using the peerdb_user that you created in the previous step.

Create peer drop down

Create Crunchy Bridge Peer