To connect Confluent Cloud to PeerDB, you need a Confluent Cloud account with Kafka Server running.

Setup Instructions

Gather the following details from Confluent Cloud

sasl.username={{ CLUSTER_API_KEY }}
sasl.password={{ CLUSTER_API_SECRET }}

Create the Kafka Peer

And then in UI you can create the Confluent Cloud / Kafka peer like so: create kafka peer ui

  1. Click on Create Peer
  2. Select Kafka
  3. For Name use a desired name, e.g. confluent_kafka_1, only lowercase alphanumeric and underscores are allowed.
  4. For Bootstrap Servers use the bootstrap.servers value from the previous step. Multiple servers can be specified as a comma separated list.
  5. For Security Protocol use SASL_SSL.
  6. For SASL Mechanism use PLAIN.
  7. For Username use the CLUSTER_API_KEY from the previous step.
  8. For Password use the CLUSTER_API_SECRET from the previous step.
  9. Click Validate Connection
  10. Click Create Peer

PeerDB only supports plaintext and SASL authentication. If username isn’t supplied then PeerDB will attempt to connect without authentication.

Partitioner can be usually be ignored; it maps to partitioning strategies in franz-go. To set partitioning keys you’ll need to specify Script when creating mirror, see Lua reference for details.