PeerDB allows you to pause and resume a Change-Data Capture mirror.

  1. As of today, mirrors can only be paused during CDC and not during initial load or query replication.
  2. The PostgreSQL source replication slot will still exist and it will continue to grow as long the mirror is paused.
  3. Pausing a mirror enables you to then add tables to the CDC mirror, along with editing the Sync Interval and Pull Batch Size.

Why would I pause a mirror ?

  1. You could want to run some initial set of validations and analysis on synced data.
  2. You could want to edit the mirror.

Pause Mirror Guide

The prerequisites for this guide are as follows:

  1. You have a PeerDB setup running.
  2. You’ve kicked off a CDC mirror

First, select the mirror you created from the Mirrors page: selectmirror

Once the mirror is in Running state, we can click on the Pause button under the Actions menu: pausemirror

Once clicked, you can refresh the page and see that the Status is now Paused. To resume, we can click on the Resume button under the Actions menu: resumemirror

Now the Status should be back to Running.