PeerDB Cloud

PeerDB Cloud is a fully managed service that allows you to replicate data across different data stores. It is designed to be easy to use and requires no infrastructure management. You can get started with PeerDB Cloud in a few simple steps.

Let’s head over to to get started.

Sign Up

Upon landing on PeerDB Cloud, we will be greeted with the login page. login

Since we’re new, let’s click on Sign Up. This takes us to the sign-up page. Let’s fill in the details and click on Sign Up. signup

Creating an instance

We will be taken to the PeerDB Cloud Dashboard. We can now create a PeerDB instance. Let’s click on Create Instance to get started. dashboard

This takes us to the New Instance page. Let’s briefly talk about the form:

  • Name: The name of the instance. This can be to your liking.
  • Password: The password for the instance. This is used to connect to the instance, so make sure to note it down. For this quickstart, let’s assume the password to be quickstart.
  • Version: The version of PeerDB to use. For this quickstart, let’s select the provided version in the dropdown.

The PeerDB Micro instance is default and is sufficient for this quickstart. Let’s click on Continue. newinstance

This takes us to the Confirm page. Let’s click on Create Instance to create the instance. confirm

That’s it! We should now be able to see our instance in the dashboard. instance

The instance will take a minute to get ready. We should then, upon a page refresh, see the running instance: instance

Let’s click on PeerDB UI to head over to PeerDB UI


We will be directed to the PeerDB UI login page. The password for this instance is the one we set during the instance creation. In our case, that is quickstart. Let’s fill in the password and click on Sign in with Password. uilogin

We have landed at the PeerDB UI dashboard! uidashboard

Please do check out the PeerDB UI Quickstart Guide to create peers, mirrors, and much more.