PeerDB can authenticate with Elasticsearch via either basic auth or an API key, or no auth at all. In general, Elasticsearch Cloud authenticates via API keys and self-hosted Elasticsearch can vary. If applicable, atleast the following privileges need to be granted to the PeerDB role: auto_configure, create_doc, write.

Create the Elasticsearch Peer

  1. From the PeerDB home page, click on Create Peer and then on Elasticsearch.
  2. Name the peer as desired, only lowercase alphanumeric and underscores are allowed.
  3. The server to connect to should be specified in Addresses. Multiple servers can be specified as a comma separated list.
  4. Depending on the desired authentication type, choose one of None, Basic Auth or API Key and fill in the required fields.
  5. Click Validate. If validation succeeds, finish by clicking Create Peer.

PeerDB UI for creating Elasticsearch peers