PeerDB introduces the CREATE MIRROR FOR SELECT SQL command for continuous sync of data from PostgreSQL to the desired target Peer based on any SELECT query on PostgreSQL. This command allows you to perform a pre-transform of the data on the source before syncing it to the target. Currently we support PostgreSQL (running anywhere), AWS S3, BigQuery and Snowflake as the target Peers.

  1. You simply run a few SQL commands, and PeerDB takes care of all the heavy lifting to set up and maintain highly performant syncs and pre-transforms across stores.
  2. You can run any SELECT query that is supported by PostgreSQL for the transformation, including JOINs, function/procedure calls, GROUP BYs, and so on.
  3. The SQL command provides various options such as batch size, parallelism, and refresh interval, which give you granular control when configuring the MIRROR.

PeerDB internally implements multiple optimizations to provide the best possible performance experience. For example, it converts data to Avro format during transit and enables parallelism during both reading from sync and writing to target.


This demo shows PeerDB syncing a table with 100 million rows from PostgreSQL to Snowflake in few minutes.