Below table shows supported source and target connectors for Real-time Change Data Capture and Streaming Query Replication. ✅ means supported. ⚠️ means beta. 🛑 means unsupported

SourceTargetReal-time Change Data Capture (CDC)Streaming Query or Watermark Based ReplicationGuides
PostgreSQLSnowflakeCDC,Streaming Query Replication
PostgreSQLBigQueryCDC,Streaming Query Replication
PostgreSQLPostgreSQLCDC,Streaming Query Replication
PostgreSQLClickhouse⚠️⚠️Coming soon !
PostgreSQLS3CDC,Streaming Query Replication
PostgreSQLGCSCDC,Streaming Query Replication
PostgreSQLAzure EventHubs🛑CDC
PostgreSQLKafka⚠️🛑Coming soon !
PostgreSQLGoogle PubSub⚠️⚠️Coming soon !
SQL ServerPostgreSQL🛑Streaming Query Replication

We are actively adding more sources and targets. If you need any specific connector as a source or target to your PostgreSQL database reach out to us at